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Corpus Iuris Civilis, the "Body of Civil Law", compiled and presented to Justinian in
534 AD in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul).
Privatization, Energy & Telecommunications
Privatization, Energy & Telecommunications

Where privatization is concerned, we provide a range of corporate and commercial legal services not only to domestic and foreign investors, but also to governmental bodies.

We are involved in many aspects of the privatization process, including planning the structure of the transaction, considering and applying the appropriate regulatory regime and legislation with concern to privatization. Dursun Özfırat is well equipped to deal with the procedural issues, policy considerations and developments in this market. We mainly advise private companies on bidding to acquire privatized assets. Services include:

  • Direct advice to foreign companies and investors
  • Subcontract support and joint venture participation with financial entities
  • Restructuring in advance of privatization
  • Disaggregating state assets into financially viable companies
  • Labor and shareholder issues
  • Contract restructuring
  • Due diligence for potential investors willing to acquire privatized assets
  • Preparation of bidding documents and model project agreements

Dursun Özfırat has counseled on regulatory compliance and reporting requirements under all of the principal statutes governing the electric power & natural gas and mine industries, including the Energy Market Act, the Public Tender Act, the Mine Act, the Natural Gas Market Act, the Oil Market Act and the LPG Market Act. We regularly practice before the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Energy Regulatory Commission, the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, the General Directorate of Mineral Works, State Body for Coal Mines, Turkey Hard Coal Enterprise and numerous state public utility regulatory commissions. Services include:

A) Regulatory Services

  • Counseling on structuring projects for regulatory compliance
  • Preparation of regulatory filings [including in relation to mergers, business and finance transactions]
  • Regulatory opinions in support of project financings

B) Dispute Resolution Services

  • Interventions and complaints before regulatory agencies, administrative hearings and settlement negotiations
  • Appellate review before state courts

Dursun Özfırat attorneys have comprehensive experience and understanding of the telecommunications and information technology industries from the technical, legal, operational, financial, commercial, regulatory and policy perspectives. We have the breadth and depth of experience and expertise to handle the transaction, regulatory and policy needs of domestic and global telecommunications and technology companies. Our representation and significant experience includes:

  • Representation of a full range of telecommunications carriers and other service providers, including wired and wireless (fixed and mobile), domestic and international, facilities-based and resale carriers, Internet service providers, Internet backbone operators, as well large users of telecommunications services and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment.
  • Experience with state regulatory requirements, compliance and certification procedures, including authorizations, tariffs, complaints, rule-makings, hearings, fees and reports.
  • Experience as lead negotiators in telecommunications services agreements, traffic termination, roaming, transit, access, transport, and interconnection agreements, turnkey construction and management agreements.
  • Experience with Voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP), virtual private networks, data center operations, formation of web sites, co-branding, webhosting, software, content and technology licensing, protection of intellectual property, and Internet peering arrangements.
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