We believe the shortcut to success is to know
the client's business and industry
Corpus Iuris Civilis, the "Body of Civil Law", compiled and presented to Justinian in
534 AD in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Dursun Özfırat handles a range of litigation and arbitration. Our aim is to build the strongest strategic position possible and to ensure that our clients are well informed of the proceedings of litigation at an early stage. Dursun Özfırat's proactive approach and close client relations enable us to take the most appropriate action in securing a positive outcome. In analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of litigation the conclusion that litigation is best avoided may be reached. If such a conclusion is reached then we will ensure to achieve the best settlement possible through either court or out-of-court.

With our broad client base, which includes international clientele we have become increasingly aware of the fact that litigation is becoming more international. To be able to answer our clients’ needs we have created a network of contacts with leading law firms around the world so that we may deal competently with cross-border disputes.

Over the last decade, arbitration has become the main area of dispute resolution in which we have concentrated. We do have experience in representing clients in both local and international arbitration proceedings.

Dursun Özfırat covers domestic and international work including construction law disputes and enforcement actions for foreign arbitral awards. Our practice also has experience in commercial litigation including contractual dispute and claim for damages involving financing, construction and engineering, urban law and planning policy, insolvency and libel.

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