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Corpus Iuris Civilis, the "Body of Civil Law", compiled and presented to Justinian in
534 AD in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul).
Insurance & Reinsurance

Dursun Özfırat has extensive experience in commercial insurance coverage matters, spanning most industries and coverage needs. Our core team regularly advises clients regarding errors and omissions policies, and comprehensive and commercial general liability policies.

Dursun Özfırat's coverage practice extends to directors' and officers' liability insurance for corporate officials. Dursun Özfırat also provides coverage advice on maritime protection and indemnity insurance, employers' liability insurance, and the obligation to provide maintenance and cure benefits. Finally, Dursun Özfırat has represented clients in many matters involving property insurance, including insurance for earthquake damage.

Dursun Özfırat's coverage and trial expertise has led many clients to retain the firm to handle litigation involving claims of "bad faith." Dursun Özfırat attorneys are regularly called upon to handle lawsuits seeking extra-contractual and punitive damages relating to alleged breaches of insurance contracts.

Our Team also represents businesses, as well as directors and officers, in maximizing and realizing the full benefit of their insurance assets when, as is often the case, insurers do not want to honor the commitments and obligations set forth in insurance policies. Such maximization and realization of value typically takes the form of aggressive negotiations and/or mediation. However, when necessary, our practitioners will resort to litigation, both at the trial and appellate levels.

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