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Themis Oath, a pledge undertaken by law school graduates in current-day Greece,
based on an oath that was taken hundreds of years ago.
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Saadet Özfırat van Delft
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Following her LL.B degree from Ankara University School of Law, Saadet was admitted to Ankara Bar Association in 1999. She attended intensive courses in "EU Law, International Transactions, Comparative Competition Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration" at Duquesne University (USA) in Dublin in 2001. She also completed "Turkish Competition Law and Practice" program of Turkish Competition Board. She holds certificate of "Construction Contracts and Arbitration", "Competition Law" and "Common (American) Law" from Institute for Banking and Commercial Law at Ankara University.

As the group leader, she partook in an exchange program organised by Union of Turkish Bars and Law Society of England and Wales in 1999. She co-authored a book titled "Offshore Banking, Fraud and Money Laundering", published in 2001. She is a regular attendee at international symposia and conferences; was a speaker at Union Internationale des Avocats 45th Congress in Turin, Italy in 2001.

Saadet is a member of Ankara Bar Association, Union Internationale des Avocats, International Bar Association, Turkey - EU Association and World Jurists Organization. Also, she chairs UIA Committee of Ankara Bar Association and secretary-general of Union Internationale des Avocats, National Committee for Turkey.

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