We truthfully believe in giving something
back to the community
This bird house was constructed by an Ottoman charity caring for birds in winter seasons. For historical reasons, a blanket of a wide range of charities in Ottoman times
assumed the function of a safety net in both urban and rural communities.

Dursun Özfırat Attorneys at Law has long been committed to providing pro bono legal services and volunteer time to those in our communities most in need.

Dursun Özfırat truly believes that as lawyers we have a bounden duty to help ensure that the access to justice is afforded to all, on an equal footing and regardless of income. By providing free legal services to low-income individuals and non-profit organizations without little or no ability to pay, we contribute to the very existence of our firm and live up to the ideals of our profession.

At Dursun Özfırat, pro bono is the focal point of our practice. Every attorney is encouraged to take on pro bono work on a regular basis. And the outcome is evaluated by senior lawyers to assure that it has an added value to make a lasting difference in the society we live. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Cemal Dursun.

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